As part of an international initiative to help bring corporate and localized communications to the Niketown employees more efficiently, Nike tasked us with helping bring this to life in the way of a series of Communications Boards. Each employee room within Niketowns across the globe would house these boards, a vertical touch screen with facial recognition responsiveness and live updates pushed out directly from Corporate. 
I created a series of wires and motion prototypes that would test each micro-interaction throughout the experience while working closely with Design and Tech to bring the board to life. 
Prototype and interaction motion tests for the DTC Comms Board. 

Initial whiteboard notes and project prep. Experience was divided into three separate states: Teaser, Trailer and Movie. The teaser was the article name and
idle state of the articles. As the user would approach the board, the camera would read the distance from your face to the screen, noting it was getting
closer and activating the Trailer, or subheadline text to appear. Once the user interacted with the board, they could access localized news, corporate updates
and employee notifciations. We labeled this state as the Movie.  

DTC Comms Board wires. (From l to r); Main Board Grid  in Teaser State, Article wire and Animation/Film wire.

Final Design for DTC Comms Board. "In This Collection" became a later addition to the final Design. 
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