Following the success of 2014/15's Your Year campaign, AKQA was challenged with creating a follow-up experience that would not only appeal to Nike+ users, but also to Non-Members as well. While still utilizing the user's workout data as a foundation, AKQA partnered with BrosMind to create a library of characters called Nikins, that consumers can choose, animate and modify to represent their workout goals for that year. The more they accomplish, the more characters they are rewarded with. 
A full campaign with a wide range of activations and incorporation was devloped and proposed to the Nike North America team. Your Year 2.0 is under development and expected to launch late 2017.

Full web-app experience proposal for Your Year 2.0. Users may swap out characters and explore their library of earned Nikins
that would best represent their Nike+ goals.  Prototype created in Flinto. 

Your Year 2.0 consumer journey timeline, from Hype to Ongoing engagement. Simple, yet effective. 

Your Year 2.0 rollout journey map that highlights the comparison of Non-Member engagement with Member engagement. 

Your Year 2.0 prototype screenshots. (From l to r): Nikins card on the Nike+ App, Character Pack example and Character profile.  

Your Year 2.0 activation examples. (From l to r): downloadable Nikins keyboard, Webapp notifications with Pack Unlock and Snapchat geo-filter.

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