In the months leading up to the 2016 Rio Olympics, I was tasked by Nike to create an Ecosystem that would map out the touchpoints and high-level journeys a consumer would experience  with the Nike Rio campaign. Once that was completed, I teamed up with the UX team in London to help create a fully-immersive experience celebrating the 17 Days of the Olympics with daily Pro-Athlete highlights, workout plans and Rio Product offerings. 
This is the first pass at the Rio Ecosystem map for The sexagon on the left encompasses the full experience,
while the one on the right highlights one branch of that journey. Specifically, all the touchpoints and pages driven to through SEO.
The final map render for's Rio Olympics Ecosystem. Drivers are listed to the left, while the end results filter along to the left. 
One of many consumer journey scenarios within the Nike Rio Olympics Ecosystem. This journey highlights the user's journey from the Running Sport Landing page, and how that path would/could ideally lead them to experience the daily Olympic-themed workouts implemented within the Nike+ Running App.

Wireframes for the Rio Olympic Experience, for both desktop and mobile experiences.
The final consumer journeys presented to the Nike Olympics team.  Each journey highlights a specific driver and conversion result while utilizing the Rio Olympic Ecosystem. Here, we see that exposure on Social could ideally lead to a Nike+ subscription or the decision to purchase Rio-specific product. 
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