As Nike already had space dedicated to individual City-centric pages (i.e., AKQA was asked to rethink the strategy to help modify the pages in a way that would usher in the upcoming Nike+ App. Over the course of seven months, I worked with Design Teams in both Portland and NYC to help create the best personalized and localized city experience Nike has to offer. 
Set up as a Card-based structure, Nike consumers can use the Web-app to navigate local Run Clubs, set up registrations, purchase limited Nike product and recieve high-level training programs. 
Nike City Pages NYC launched in March, 2016

Captured video of live, online experience. Access at
Notes from one of the many City Pages work sessions. At this point, the second round of wires had been developed and pitched to the client. Due to recently learned technical constraints for the experience, this session was a necessary next move in order to streamline the objectives to fit the current limitations.  
Site map for City Pages 2.0 Web Application
Series of wire flows and consumer journeys developed for experience. Sign in required a third party login page that would remove the user from the City Pages experience.  By calling this out, steps were taken to help streamline the process so that a single-touch sign-in  could be accomplished. 
Each flow for the experience required an encyclopedia of annotations and notes, helping the client understand pain points and potential holes in the process. 
Annotated wires for the Sessions Journey. Callouts helped define subtleties in experience and gave clear direction to the Design teams. 
Screenshots from final City Pages experience. (From l to r); Home Landing Page, Running Product and Workout of the Day. 
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