In early 2016, a small team at AKQA was put together to develop a new experience on Nike.Com for the Women's Sports Bra team. With recent statistics claiming that over 64% of women are in the wrong-sized bra, AKQA developed the strategy and execution for a Nike Bra Finder web application that would live on and help women learn how to determine their exact bra size.
As the project evolved, so did the execution. We soon found ourselves experimenting with a conversational chat-like structure that was supported by a collection of pages on and the support of specialists across the globe. 
Final Prototype Presentation for Nike Bra Finder
Whiteboard captures of web app wires and completely decision-flow. This stage helped us to determine experience should be divided into three simple questions prior to making a recommendation; Size, Support and Style.  
User flow diagram render the complete for Bra Finder Web-app experience. 
Annotated wires for the Bra Finder Web App experience.
Early prototypes for the experience outlined two distinctly different directions. The first (left) maintains a more traditional method, while the second (right) explores a chat-based interface structure. Ultimately, the client decided to pursue the chatbot approach. 
Screen captures from final Bra Finder prototype, utilizing the Chat-bot interface structure. 
User flow illustrating how the Nike Bra Finder web-app will be incorporated into the Nike Bras ecosystem as well as the main portals into 

Wireframes for proposed Nike Bra pages on
Final Bra Finder pages on, designed responsively for Desktop, Mobile and Tablet. 
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