In early 2019, I was asked to dive deep into an ideation stream that would help define the future of video on IMDb. With the support of internal stakeholders, I set out to gather insights and current trends that would help to pave the way towards a video-centric experience on IMDb. This would include inline playback, a 'follow-me' video experience and a Video core, where customers would be able to search and browse video with ease and reduced friction in comparison to the experience at the time. 
This proposal was presented to IMDb leadership and stakeholders across the Org H1 of 2019 and helped to define the the goals of the Video program throughout 2019/2020 IMDb Modernization project. 

Initial competitor review exercise, looking at video experiences from Bleacher Report, Instagram, Snapchat and Buzzfeed

Proposal on the content strategy in alignment with business pillars, by dividing video engagement into three distinct categories: Surface Exploration, Intermediary Browse and Deep Dives. 

Surface Exploration would allow customers to briefly engage with Video on the site while still allowing them to interact with separate content, giving them a holistic view of what is new and exciting while not getting in the way of prime objectives

Intermediary browse lets users engage more intimately with the Video experience, while introducing new interaction patterns that would open up more content as they continue to explore the site. 

Diving deep proposes the 'Video Core', complete with a video search experience, a follow-me video player, recommended content within playlists, the ability to save and build video lists and a more personalized experience overall. 

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