Following the release of the initial Homepage Modernization on Desktop, some Get Satisfaction reviews informed IMDb of a need to readdress the Video Hero, especially on higher breakpoints. The original iteration felt too overwhelmingly large to customers, and pushed editorial content too far below the fold. This was contradictory to my initial approach, which leaned on a more immersive video experience. 
Success criteria relied up on satisfying our advertising partners’ concerns with the size of the hero and its completion with purchased content, no net new customer complaints once fully launched regarding the size and an engagement increase in video starts and/or page views utilizing the following APT guardrail metrics:
The T1 saw a statistically significant increase in customers who engaged with video by .41%. and page views by .08%. This launch also satisfies advertising partner concerns, and addresses customer feedback of a“zoomed in” experience.

Initial brainstorm notes explored everything from a fully interactive Video Hero system to a more simplified, immersive experience.

Wireframes expanded upon the approach of a single video system by diving into the post-click experience, along with an organization motif of presenting video collections as 'Channels'. 

Early higher-fidelity wireframes exploring content organization designs with watch options and overlay systems for each piece of new content.

The first launch of the Homepage Hero in Q419 (mobile) and early 2020 (Desktop). Customer feedback on Get Satisfaction pointed to customers preferring a less immersive experience when first arriving on the page. 

Work on an updated version of the Video Hero started immediately after launch, exploring a heavier editorial-influence approach, with a 3-up carousel 'peek-a-boo' design and a 2-up, split player. Neither variation supported preview or inline playback at the time. 

Two new variations were tested with customers, with the heavier lean towards Editorial content (T2) performing the highest among the three. 

The final design, live on

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