I was fortunate enough to be asked to join the Pitch team for Fathom Cruise Lines, a voluntourism division that would ideally be overseeing the first Cruises to port in Cuba in over 50 years. In addition to a series of experience prototypes, my contribution to the Pitch comprised of developing a collection of Design Principles and a easy-to-understand consumer journey that would help drive the entire communications strategy. 
Final Prototype render for the proposed experience.
Proposed User Journey. The idea here is that through consumer advocation (peach blocks), new travelers searching for inspiration would discover Fathom's mission and step into the cycle of Fathom's Voluntourism opportunities. 
Established Design Principles brainstorm and Word Mapping (left), and a few selections (right) of Consumer mood approaches; Deep, Authentic and Transformative. 

Web experience Wires; (from l to r) Landing Page, Profile page and Story Pages
Final proposed experience renders, for Desktop, Mobile and Tablet.
Final Proposed Prototype of Web experience. 
User Journey renders for the Advocation stage of the Consumer Journey. User would see a friend's Instagram Post (left), follow the directions to their IG profile page (middle), where the user's link would drive them to the Adventure Stories page on Fathom's site (right).  
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