In late 2016, our New Business team approached me to see if I was interested in helping with building their pitch to Disney Theme Parks. They had three ideas they wanted to present that would help build a child's anticipation towards visiting the Theme Parks. I chose the Interactive Storybook. 
Essentially, the "book" would be a curated experience delivered straight to your mobile device or tablet (recommended) that uses your online registration and traveler information to help build a daily, highly personalized story collection leading up to your visit.  
Light User-research informed us on the types of questions kids ask their parents leading up
to a vacation to any one of the Disney theme parks
User-journey illustrating each step between registration and arrival. Your Disney Story would be available for download about two weeks before the start of the vacation. 
Hypothetical story structure for a 5-year old boy that gravitates towards the more classic Disney characters and cartoons. 
Hypothetical story structure for a 9-year old girl that loves princesses and Disney stories highlighting the strength of Women around the world. 
Hypothetical story structure for a 12-year old boy that enjoys the more adult-teen side of Disney and their associated properties. (i.e. Marvel, Lucasfilm, etc.)  
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