As part of a larger strategy of work with the Caterpillar brand, I was tasked with aiding our San Francisco office with a full User Experience Audit for the entire consumer-facing, digital ecosystem.
Once Phase 1 was complete, we took our learnings and applied them to the upcoming Future Con; Caterpillar's global Technology convention that would see the likes of Elon Musk and Neil deGrasse Tyson as potential Keynote speakers. 
Original Whiteboard session to help understand the Caterpillar infrastructure, client-personas and existing user-perceptions towards the Caterpillar brand. 
Proposed User-Journey diagram for the Caterpillar Ecosystem. 

Full inventory of Caterpillar's digital Ecosystem Audit and effectivity ratings in line with the Consumer Journey diagram. 

Social footprint Audit with No. of followers, social handle and relative impact. Currently, there are close to 40 social channels within the Caterpillar Ecosystem.
Attendee segment research and presentation for Caterpillar's upcoming Convention, FutureCon. 

Attendee persona research and behavior journeys for FutureCon
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